iRobinHood's tools provide a new innovative way for the on-line community to donate to any registered charity, everyday, at no additional cost to themselves.

Our partnered non-profit organizations receive regular unsolicited donations from their supporters. The potential as a new revenue stream is unlimited.

When supporters install your charity's customized Toolbar the revenues generated by their everyday online activities - such as searching or purchasing - are automatically redirected to your organization.

To find out more about our tools and the fundraising opportunities available to your organization please complete the form below.

Fundraising has never been easier.


  • RSRT Logo
    "The first time we launched the RSRT toolbar to our community of supporters, the campaign was a great success!"

    -- Monica, RSRT

  • iRobinHood Person
    "iRobinhood enables me to give to a cause I believe in simply by shopping online. Nothing could be easier. Who wouldn’t love it?"

    -- Julie Margolies, Supporter

  • Studio School Logo
    "iRobinHood's platform has opened up an entirely new revenue stream that we would not otherwise have access to!"

    -- Janet Rotter, Head of School

  • iRobinHood Person
    "I’ve donated more money this year than any other by using iRobinHood’s toolbar. I don’t have to think about donating because it’s automatic!"

    -- Lora, Supporter

  • iRobinHood Person
    "It’s so easy to share donations on my Facebook wall. One click and all my friends and family can see how I support my favorite charity."

    -- Chris, Supporter


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